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But once you get back on track, dont leave your payments on autopilot. Theres no penalty for prepaying, so step up your payments as your income grows. Use the DOEs repayment estimator to see what youll owe over time based on the student loan repayment plan you choose. Also check our interactive tool , which shows you how different payments options affect the amount you owe. And last, stay on top of your paperwork. To take advantage of the forgiveness option, youll need documentation to show that youve made all of your qualifying payments. http://youtu.be/bN1f1rs_q2cIf you work in public service (teaching, or working at a nonprofit or for the government, for example) and are seeking debt cancellation through the public service loan forgiveness program, you need to file forms with your servicer showing you work for an eligible employer. We recommend doing it once per year. Dont depend on your student loan servicer to be on top of things. The DOE and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau have been cracking down on servicing problems , an issue that Consumers Union, the policy and mobilization arm of Consumer Reports, has been trying to resolve, too. Consumer Reports and other student loan advocates are also pushing to simplify the programs by creating one universal income-driven repayment plan.

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McGregor, bingo and sing-along volunteers at Saginaw Community Hospital; Roland J. Beaudry, Red Cross volunteer, flood of ’86; Michele Ames, adoptive mother of her deceased sister’s four kids; Lee Elsenia Porterfield, Special Olympics worker, foster parent, who never kept one of the more than 200 afghans she crocheted. 1987: Claudine M. try this“Mommy” Wicks, six-decade piano and dance teacher who said she was paying back society for the success of her son, world-renowned saxophonist Edward “Sonny” Stitt; Wendell Nehmer, Means Stamping Industries baseball coach; Art Beyer, YMCA swim instructor to hundreds of youths; Marietta Fritz and Sisters of Notre Dame DeNamur associate Shirley M. Orand, who opened Emmaus House for ex-cons; Carolyn J. Lee, Head Start volunteer. 1988: Laurine “Ma” Sneed, helper of neighbors, organizer of blood drives, worker for the Red Cross; Zilwaukee Elementary School special needs teacher Sharon Richardson; Karl Schwartz, good Samaritan who helped the victims in a three-car crash on Interstate 75; Lee Berkobien, who took two young men with mental disabilities under his wing. 1989: Kenneth L. and Beatrice H. Bovee, whose garden grew for the East Side Soup Kitchen; Hazel M. Thomas, who helped an ailing neighbor, drove seniors and the blind to doctor’s appointments, cooked dinners at church; Bruce O.

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